Better Health Treatments

Better Treatments

Better health treatments start with knowing what to do…

At Freedom, we put in the time and effort to give – what is the best treatment for ‘You’
We don’t take a ‘One size fits all’ approach to how we care for you. Instead, all our treatments are selected and applied using a method of selective analysis tailored to give you the best outcomes.  We constantly strive to be at the forefront offering the latest in medical complementary treatment options for a multitude of ailments and wellbeing as well as rehabilitative therapies for illness/accident recovery.

Common Conditions We Treat

man-headacheHeadaches and Migraines are one of the most common forms of illness that cause a loss of income and a loss in quality of life. With more and more people suffering from headaches finding traditional medicine failing, new treatment options are needed to help with the increase in ineffective therapies. Forget toxic pills snf risky invasive surgery. Discover the Freedom difference.
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StressedStress, anxiety and insomnia can be triggered from everyday activities. The strain they create can lock you up in ways you might not imagine which in turn lead to ongoing issues with pain, anxiety and sleeping issues. Starting with the simpler things many of us take for granted as being normal- from muscle cramps to pain, sprains and repetitive stress disorders, we will help you find the freedom to release those shackles.
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lower-back-painChronic Pain can be debilitating, depressing and life destroying. Conventional medical treatments often include addictive drugs with many side effects which can leave you worse off once the drugs inevitably fall short of their effectiveness leaving you to suffer the dreadful pain in silence. Instead, try the Freedom way to a better you today.
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Maximised PotentialYour mind is your most important asset. It does so much for both your body and your emotional wellbeing. We often overlook our minds as something that can require some assistance in running our day-to-day operations of our bodies. An overworked mind can lead to fatigue and eventually burnout and breakdown. Allow Freedom the chance to increase your vitality, energy and stamina with our treatments for maximising your wellness potential.
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girl-ankle-injury-sprainLet’s face it. Accidents happen. You might have wonderful genes and a great life but no one can determine if you are ever going to need to use rehabilitation therapies due to an unfortunate accident or injury. Getting back on your feet and returning your quality of life is something we at Freedom can help you with on your road to recovery.
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