Headaches & Migraines

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A unique approach for headaches and migraines…

Freedom Physio offer a unique 6 Step system for treating headaches and migraine and helping you find relief.

Step 1 – A comprehensive workup is done on your medical and health history, ruling out any serious medical conditions and finding out what is the leading cause of your headaches. This will include questions from both a Western Medicine and Chinese Medicine perspective.

Step 2 – You neck will be assessed utilizing the ‘Watson Approach’ to headache treatment. The Watson Approach includes very specific palpation of your upper three neck vertebra to see if they are contributing to your neck pain. This palpation will be able to accurately tell you if your neck is contributing to your headache and be able to give you a strong indication if neck treatment will likely be successful or not. To read more about the Watson Approach go to www.watsonapproach.com.

Step 3 – A systematic palpation assessment, checking your pulse and body channels will be done to give a specific Chinese Medicine diagnosis which will allow the most specific Acupuncture prescription.

Step 4 – Using the information from the palpation assessment, treatment will begin. If for example a faulty neck segment is diagnosed, the segment will be gently mobilised which involves gently pushing on your neck joints until your specific headache is temporarily reproduced. This pain will then subside quickly in 20-30 seconds. This procedure is repeated on other vertebra segments as required.

Step 5 – Acupuncture may also be performed on the arms and legs which will help increase blood flow to the nerves in the lower brainstem that may be contributing to the headaches and migraines. The nerves need the oxygen and nutrients that the blood carries and Acupuncture has been proven to improved blood flow. The Acupuncture will also increase Serotonin production which will decrease the sensitivity of the lower brainstem which is where the headaches originate from.

Step 6 –Exercises and postural correction that will help reinforce the corrected neck position and stop the headaches returning will also be discussed as part of your treatment prevention plan for headaches and migraines.