Maximised Wellness Potential

Maximised Potential

Unlocking the tools to maximised potential…

Here at Freedom Physio, a full holistic approach to the treatment of stress, insomnia, poor energy and lack of vitality is integrated to provide you with the platform for maximising wellness.

It is with the goal of achieving balance with energetic vibrancy and vitality, and regaining the ability to be able to explore your passions that drives the holistic approach at Freedom Physio. To better aid in giving patients the best chance for proactive wellness, a Maximised Wellness Potential Plan (MWPP) is available for patients wanting to improve themselves and be as best as they can be.

The MWPP includes regular targeted acupuncture looks at diet, exercise, sleeping, breathing as relaxation, mindfulness stress reduction and wellness coaching.

It is from tried and true experience that patients undergoing the MWPP are able to transform their health and well-being during the 12 weeks and are able to start living a more energized and vital life.